The Fenix Has Risen

Fenix is a total revolution in live music and dining. Believed to be the first streaming live production restaurant (SLPR) of its kind, Fenix is both a live production house and fine dining experience in one. Set in a renovated historic building in downtown San Rafael, we took flight with the intention of spreading live music throughout our community—and the world. Each room, from our main hall to our kitchen, was crafted by world-renowned acoustic designer John Storyk (Jazz at Lincoln Center) to provide the best experience possible for both our in-house and live-streaming audiences.

For diners, Fenix is a joyful discovery. “Sit, eat, drink, smile, and enjoy an acoustic massage,” says owner, Laura van Galen. Relish mouth-watering cuisine, inventive cocktails, and an extensively curated wine list. Our menu features jaw-dropping creole creations from Executive Chef Glenn “Gator” Thompson—Southern cuisine with a healthy twist. Many of our offerings are procured from highly regarded local sources, with healthfulness always a driving force behind the robust flavors.

A masterpiece of intimate live music and fine dining, Fenix is a sought-after stage for accomplished musicians from all over the world. We stream live on the web six nights a week to a growing worldwide audience in over 100 countries, offering a library of over 800 archived shows. Can’t make it to a show you really want to see? Tune in to our Livestream channel and catch it on your computer, TV, or mobile device. Thanks for helping us Celebrate The Talent Among Us!

Our Mission

Fenix is driven by the belief that music is the window to the soul. It is our mission to create social change through music awareness and education. We are committed to sharing positive energy, nurturing up-and-coming artists, and spreading joy in our community and throughout the world.

Our Vision

Fenix is many visions — and one.

  • Bringing live music direct from the stage to a worldwide Livestream audience. Shows are streamed live every Tuesday through Sunday night and archived for viewing here.
  • Fenix Supper Club. Take in a show or host your event in this acoustically enhanced musical space in downtown San Rafael, featuring a delicious menu serving lunch, brunch, dinner, late night snacks, signature cocktails, and an extensive wine list.
  • The Fenix Project. Help us build musical awareness and educate, mentor, and support young musicians in our community through our non-profit organization.
  • Fenix Productions. Need a recording space or just want to jam with state-of-the-art equipment? Use the Fenix stage to record your sessions in HD video or high-quality audio, or to showcase your talents live online.

Why Fenix?

Integrated into the very architecture of our venue, the phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, energy, and growth — and it is an inspiration for all that we do.


Fenix, San Rafael is a new, innovative supérclub. A place where dining room, stage, andstate-of-the-art recording studio are one. Where every show is streamed live in HD to fansaround the world. Book your table today.

Are children welcome?
Children are very welcome. Our state and city permits allow us to admit children to enjoy music along with their parents in the main hall. Booster seats and high chairs available along with kid\’s menu and coloring.

Where do I park?
Aside from the many street-side parking spaces, there are 3 parking lots / garages within one to two blocks of the venue. There is a two story large parking structure behind the Fenix. If you can\’t find a space there, seek out the lot at Lootens Place and fifth street (1-1/2 blocks away) and the multi floor lot at A and third streets (2 blocks away). More information at

Is there a dress code?
No, but we are a fine dining establishment ~ so you might want to clean up a little :-)

How do I recover something I left behind?
We have a secure cost check onsite and store all lost and found items in the coat room. Wallets are stored in the onsite safe.

Do you have student or senior discounts?
Yes, with a legal ID, you will receive a 50% ticketed or cover charge discount at the door on “non-sold out” shows.


Can I buy tickets in advance?
Yes, but you can also make a reservation and pay at the door upon your arrival. If you are more than 15 minutes late, and we are sold out, we will sell your tickets to the next available guest.

Is there a deal where you pay a lower price in advance for tickets and a higher price at the door?
If this is not published as an option on the website event page, then a discount is not available.

Do I simply make a reservation and pay the lower price at the host stand when a different price is published?
Tickets need to be purchased over the phone or on our online ordering interface at note: You still need to make a reservation online or by phone.

Is there a dance floor?
Whenever we have a dance band, we will have a dance floor ~ unless the band requests no dance floor; which is rare, very rare.

Can I see the shows after the performance?
Yes, visit and watch away! If you wish to watch a featured show on your Smart device or television, visit and load “The Best of FenixLIVE”.

How do I sign up for Open Mic or the Blues Jam?
Make a reservation and specify in the comments field that you want to be added to the sign up list, the instrument and songs requested. We can only guarantee one song per performer when we are busy. You will be live streamed, so be prepared to perform for live showing.

For Open Mic night, do we provide instruments?
All Open Mic performers need to bring their own instruments. Our stage is plug and play, so no need for microphones and sound systems.

How do I reserve the main hall recording studio for a private recording?
Fill out the performing request form and share that this is for a private recording session. Our Production Director will get back to you shortly.


What is the corkage fee?
$15 per bottle. Our alcohol license requires us to pay sales tax on all beverages served, so there will be sales tax along with the $15 service charge.

Is there a minimum drink requirement?
We have a two drink minimum.


Do you have catering?
Yes, please fill out the catering form.

Do you host private parties on and off site?
Yes. Please fill out the private party request form and we will get back to you.

Do you have take out?
Yes, please go to our online ordering interface to place an order.

Do we have to order food during a show?
No, but there is a $10 minimum in table food or drink requirement.