Sammy Conquers the Lounge - Bar Ware


Sammy Conquers the Lounge

Sammy texts Sarah, who's nursing a smooth rum shot in the lounge at the Fenix Club, San Rafael, the home of some of the music greats, to tell her he'll be 15 minutes late. (He's good at things like this: he's had a lot of practice.) Samir, the bartender, smiles. So what else is new? Sammy arrives, making as usual, the wait worthwhile for everyone in the place, even though the others weren't technically waiting. Because he, with an uncanny sense of place, manages to transform himself into the red rockstar that he is. The lights have just dimmed for wannabe startlets who are working the room. Sammy reminisces on the bold flavored rum and the the shot glass in his pocket he got to remember the moment...calm ecstasy...makes it all worthwhile.


For every purchase, we donate 1% to the Fenix Music Fund to nurture rising talent in our community. (Excludes shipping and handling and state tax.)


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