The Music Room and Merchandise

The Music Room

Rick pulls up to the driveway. He is not exactly 100% today. It was tough, and what makes it all worth the effort is almost here. He enters the house, drops the keys on the dining room table, walks down the hall, and enters his favorite room. The walls are covered in posters of inspiration, the best guitarists of all time, Jimi, B.B., Eric, Keith, and Les. But recently, he added a new piece to his music wall, the FenixLive poster, reminding him not to forget about the Gibson - although his true love is his Fender Stratocaster. He picks up his baby, and starts to play. Dinner may work itself into the night if the neighbor calls to complain...but if he's lucky, they are out for the evening.

For every purchase, we donate 1% to the Fenix Music Fund to nurture rising talent in our community. (Excludes shipping and handling and state tax.)