Our Commitment to the Community

Join in

There is so much local music, but the Talent Among Us© is in need of support. No matter what genre is played, no matter how it is expressed, music is shared at the deepest levels, and we are here to touch the spirits of those who have the ability to help others grow musically. We hope to entice our community to join in elevating music education. Watch our music calendar for these events and join in by making a reservation and showing up. If you are not able to join us, no worries, you can still contribute by buying tickets or tipping the musicians. Contact us to support these causes.

Benefit Concerts

Sunday is community and world music day at the Fenix. Contact us if you would like to host a Benefit Concert.

Reduced Recording Studio Rates for Students

In support of performance and stage development, we offer reduced recording studio rates for non-profits and students. Simply bring an 8GB hard drive to your next benefit concert performance, and we will make a copy of your audio and video performance at a reduced rate.

Music Fund – Coming in 2016

The Fenix Music Fund is a future project, with the goal to nurture and fund up-and-coming musicians and their craft. Stay tuned for developments!

The Bigger Vision

The Fenix Project is dedicated to creating positive social change through music education. The Project is committed to elevating local music genius and nurturing rising talent. The goal is to fund up-and-coming local live musicians to record and capture video of their talent, which in turn, will make it possible for young musicians to showcase their capabilities. Beyond 2018, we hope to open a Discovery Music Hall to expose our youth to indigenous music roots, instrumentation and live staging through instrument and performance coaching. Stay tuned as we develop our vision.

Support Us

If you want to help by donating your time or in funding our project, contact us. Getting involved is the first step.