Fenix, the new Marin county premier live music spot and restaurant, is the vision of Laura van Galen, a third generation San Franciscan and current resident of Marin. Named for the sweeping bird that the historical space architecturally describes, the Fenix will showcase local and national musicians in a vibrant, intimate club atmosphere.

Centrally located in charming downtown San Rafael, the newly designed space maintains an elegant, whimsical feel, with a separate bar with a striking back light wall, marble inlay floors, new fabrics, and wall coverings throughout the space that will demonstrate a true reflection of van Galen’s artistic vision.

The general management and music programs are under the direction of music industry veteran, producer Merl Saunders Jr. who along with Van Galen and John Storyk - WSDG (accoustic designer of the Lincoln Center, New York) oversaw each element of the renovations personally and was highly involved in the aesthetic changes. Saunders will act as the General Manager in addition to directing the entertainment calendar and the non-profit Fenix Music Project (coming in 2013) as well.

The menu features globally inspired California cuisine. It showcases familiar foods with a twist, in simply composed small plates. Many of the choices are gluten free, and all are procured from highly regarded purveyors, keeping the belief of sustainability as the driving force. Late night offerings will be available, as well. The distinctive beverage and wine list is an extension of our premier mixologist's vision.

We envision Fenix becoming part of the fabric of Marin and are focused on bringing a guest experience that is genuine and memorable.


Founded in 2008 by Laura van Galen, the Fenix Project is ultimately intended to create positive social change through music awareness and education. We are committed to sharing musical genius, and to nurture the "up and coming" in our community.


We are driven by the belief that music is the window to the soul. Our project is made up of four entities: 1); an interactive website bringing local live music and relationships to the web; 2) The Fenix Supper Club; to live feed musical performances from our stage to the web while serving tempting food and delicious beverages and building musical awareness to our local audiences, 3) the Fenix Project; to educate, mentor, and support young musicians in our community, and 4) Fenix Productions; to video capture live performances to showcase the "The Talent Among Us"™ on the web.


Why Fenix?

The Phoenix, or for us, the Fenix, is a mythological bird with scarlet and gold plumage. It is believed that the Phoenix would appear at dawn every morning to sing a song so enchanting that even the great sun god Apollo would stop to listen. It is said that the Phoenix lived a life span of 500 years to 12,994, depending on the account. As the end of its life approached, the Fenix would build a pyre nest of aromatic branches and spices such as myrrh, set it on fire, and then become consumed in the flames. After three days, the birth the Phoenix rose to live again. We hope to inspire the revival of local live music in our community and to share "The Talent Among Us"™ around the world.

It is truly a beautiful inspiration. We offer visitors an ocular journey like no other.