A supper club infused with beautiful acoustics and the best of local and international talent, Fenix blends a dash of community with exceptional food and drink. It is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s hottest clubs and a destination for all to see in historic, downtown San Rafael. Crafted by John Storyk, renowned interior acoustic designer of Jazz at Lincoln Center, Fenix is a masterpiece of intimate, live music and a sought-after location for accomplished musicians from all over the world.

The menu features globally inspired California cuisine with a Southern French twist.  Many of the choices are gluten-free and all are procured from highly regarded purveyors. Sustainability is always a driving force.  Our weekend brunch, lunch, and dinner menus offer you the opportunity to explore food in new ways, with musical flair.

Distinctive beverages are the vision of Fenix’s premier mixologist and our wine list is one of the most extensive in Marin. With something for everyone, enjoy intimate dining in the main music hall or savor an exclusive Chef's Table experience. Relax and sip signature cocktails in the Front Bar or sink into the back Wine Bar to sample wine and beer during a tasting hosted by local vintners.


Founded in 2008 by Laura van Galen, the Fenix Project is ultimately intended to create positive social change through music awareness and education. We are committed to sharing musical genius, and to nurture the "up and coming" in our community.


We are driven by the belief that music is the window to the soul. Our project is made up of four entities: 1); an interactive website bringing local live music and relationships to the web; 2) The Fenix Supper Club; to live feed musical performances from our stage to the web while serving tempting food and delicious beverages and building musical awareness to our local audiences, 3) the Fenix Project; to educate, mentor, and support young musicians in our community, and 4) Fenix Productions; to video capture live performances to showcase the "The Talent Among Us"™ on the web.


Why Fenix?

Long-lived and magical, the phoenix is a mythological bird of red and gold plumage that, upon reaching the end of its life, is consumed in a fire of its own making. It arises anew out of the ashes, starting the cycle all over again. Integrated into the very architecture of our venue, it is a symbol of rebirth and an inspiration for all that we do.